Birds in Europe - a Bird Reference

This is the feature description of Birds in Europe v1.1, which is almost ready for release!

This free bird reference has a total of 701 bird species! Of these there are 277 species that has local content; 237 pictures and 147 sounds. The 424 species with no local content have links to Internet content. You can either scroll through the names or easy search on parts of names. Sorting is supported for both alphabetical and systematic orders.

Each bird is presented using a primary and a secondary language, and you are free to choose whatever combination you want. The available languages are: Latin, English, Swedish, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Danish, Norwegian, Estonian, Hungarian, Polish, Czech, Finnish, Portuguese, Slovak, Chinese and Japanese!

For your convenience I have added prev/next buttons at the top of the screen, so you can move between species without going back to the main list. You can also swipe left or right with your fingers to move between the species.

If you like to learn more about a bird you can click on the links to Wikipedia, pictures on Bing or more sounds on xeno-canto! So if a bird is missing a sound or a picture you can with a single click get much more information!

If you want quick access to a few birds you can mark them as favorite, they are the easily accessible in a separate list. This can be useful to e.g. keep a list of warblers to compare different songs.

The app is not only useful for ornithologists who are birding / bird watching, it can also be fun for non-birders who like to learn to recognize birds.

Click here to see the app in Windows Phone Marktetplace.

Version History

v1.1 (soon)

  • 689 species in total
  • 279 with content, 417 with only links
  • 237 pictures and 147 sounds
  • Bird names available in 20 languages!
  • Option to show birds with no content
  • Prev/next buttons for easy navigation
  • Swipe left-right to switch species
  • Mark a species as Favorite
  • Icon to indicate if sound is available

v1.0 (2013-12-24)

  • 192 species and 173 pictures and 106 sounds

Walkthrough of screens

When the app starts a list is shown of all available species. Bird names are displayed using both a primary and a secondary language, so you can display e.g. your local language along with latin.

For species that have a picture it is shown in the list. And if there is sound available as well an icon is shown for that as well.

If you don't want to scroll through the list you can search for a species, matching is made on partial names. The example show searching for "warb" which returns all species matching that pattern.

When you open a species pictures and sounds are displayed.

The preferences page allow you to personalize the behaviour of the app.