Bird Quiz - Can you name that bird?!

Bird Quiz is a game where you are asked to identify birds given a picture of the bird, there are currently 133 species represented in 200 different pictures. To the right you see a sample of the pictures used in Bird Quiz.

There are multiple skill levels providing challenges for everybody from children to skilled birders, choose between very easy, easy, normal and expert. On the very easy level my 9-year old son is able to achieve a fairly good score, so it is truly a game for the whole familiy if you adopt the skill level to each player.

If you find it too easy even on the expert level you can try playing in another language, or why not in latin?! Available languages are swedish, english, german, french, spanish, italian, dutch and latin.

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  • Each question show a picture and you choose bwteen four different answers
  • Species can be displayed in eight different languages
  • Choose between 5-50 questions in each quiz
  • Four difficulty levels; from novice to expert
  • Complete game history

Version History

  • v1.2 (2012-03-07): Patch for common error
  • v1.1 (2012-02-25): 157 species and 243 pictures
  • v1.0 (2011-09-28): First release with 133 species and 200 different pictures

Walkthrough of screens

This is the start screen of the game where you can start new games and also see the results of recent games you have played.

You can also see current settings for language, skill level and number of questions.

To change settings, view full history or see the about screen you first click on "..." and the on the command you want.

When a game is started you will see a picture of a bird with four name alternatives, this names are localized in your choosen language.

At the top you see how many questions you have answered so far along the the number of correct and incorrect answers.

When a game has ended your result is presented and you can choose to replay the same game (identical species) and try to improve or to start a new game (new random species).

You may also view your full game history.

This is the full history of all our games.

You choose between eight languages for the bird names; swedish, english, french, german, spanish, italian, dutch or latin.

This screen also enable you clear/reset your game history, see the "..." at the bottom.

The four skill levels are very easy, easy, normal and expert. The pictures are easier when using very easy or easy and when you move to normal additional images are included which are a bit harder.

When choosing expert level only normal and expert pictures are included.

You are also able to change the number of questions in each game, adjust the slider to the number you want!