Mattias Lindberg

I'm a solution architect working for Microsoft in Sweden, my day-to-day job is to help customers create value from their investments in IT solutions.

In my spare time I'm active in the local fotball club (Bollstanäs SK) where all three of my children are playing, I'm currently coaching one team.

But my personal favorite spare time hobby is birding! I love walking around in the woods or fields with just a pair of binoculars and my phone as reference guide. As a direct result of this I focus my app development around birding; games, reference work and monitoring of birding areas.

History of

This site was first registered in July 2003 as a celebration to .NET. The work netologi is my own invention but it is aligned with words about sciences in Sweden:

  • The science of weather: meteorologi
  • The science of biology: biologi
  • The science of birds: ornitologi
  • The science of .NET: netologi

Trivia: This site was once the #1 search hit on Goggle when searching for BizTalk Server 2004, but when BizTalk 2004 was released it very quickly dropped in rank.

Avtivity has never been very high on this site and that will probably not change. But it is my intention to at least keep it updated with new releases of my apps for Windows Phone and Windows 8, so users can go here and find some help if necessary.

Trivia: See a very early version of this site here!